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KVM Images

To start using CloudLinux Images with KVM, create a VM using virt-manager, and add one of the images as a disk.


Root password: cloudlinux


Disk Images (Beta)


CloudLinux 6.8 minimal (cloud-init):

SHA256 checksum: 215506121945c7327aab32e1ed6a66e15e9a932d23f8833e1ce47ff8d6f7818a


CloudLinux 7.3 minimal (cloud-init):

SHA256 checksum: 1d3f18e210cbf92529f6b04977d934143af8902308de13a540200b72f09b6b24



Disk Images (Outdated)


CloudLinux 6 Minimal:

CloudLinux 7 Minimal:

CloudLinux 6 + cPanel:

CloudLinux 6 + Parallels Plesk:

CloudLinux 6 + DirectAdmin:

CloudLinux 7 + DirectAdmin:

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