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VMware Images

To start using CloudLinux Images with VMware, create CentOS virtual machine (you can use RH Enterprise if CentOS not available). Set it to use one of the following virtual disks.

Root password: cloudlinux


Disk Images (Beta):

CloudLinux 6.9 minimal: 

SHA256 checksum: 0cec8cb5604020eb7a5f46247b4914224de11c72bd720104d7154f8f569a353b


CloudLinux 7.3 minimal: 

SHA256 checksum: ca22deb0173dc45a3e6fc89e8f22ba7593e843ab93344d4b5c94a752a282bebc


Disk Images (Outdated):

CloudLinux 6 Minimal:

CloudLinux 7 Minimal:

CloudLinux 6 + cPanel:

CloudLinux 6 + Parallels Plesk:

CloudLinux 6 + DirectAdmin:

CloudLinux 7 + DirectAdmin:

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